Wednesday, September 12

elevated air castle

...elevated air castle
I drift
In my air castle
My elevated air castle
Of wings and dreams
Of paperbags and plastic
A mirage on paper
It seems to be...
It is...

I drift
In my Wind Tunnel
My braincase of fantasy
I fancy
This whimsical Vagary
Of simulated Ecstacy...

I drift
In my Pipe Dream
And a Dream Box
That rotates between
My air castle drifts away
Into wandering dreams
Of luminosity...

I drift
In a blueprint
Of a chromatic air bubble
This undertone
Of colorlessness
This iridescence
Is hollow
It has no shade
It has no glow...

I drift
In my air castle
In my wind tunnel
In my pipe dream
In my blueprint
But i still can't find...