Wednesday, September 12

the bohemian augury

...the bohemian augury
The omens bodes ill
The augury says otherwise
Of distant dreams in shadows
Across the skies...

The bohemian walks
Across a different path
One that hangs on a thin thread
Of groovy funk,and navy blues
Gone tomorrow, but now claimed dead

Of smokes and mirrors
And canned heat
Of palliative, and moonshine
And liquid joy,laced with deceit
In a bistro
He loses himself
To avoid the sorrow
That he fears so much...

I have seen him
Many a time
Getting drunk by the bar
Many a time
Ah merry bohemian
Wake up
Its time to close the shop
So lose the cup...

Tomorrow shall be better
You shall see
The sun shine in your little garden
And the children will play with ye...