Saturday, April 20

EAC 2.0

It's been 6 nice years on this blog. Writing. Dreaming. Sharing. Those who have been asked to read this are the ones who've stayed. Thank you.

In these years I have grown. A little wiser. A little crazier. The new EAC reflects that. I've done away with the clutter.

There is a LOT of white-space now. I love white-space. The darkness is gone.  Everything is clearer, purer, simpler now. The new logo represents my obsession with simplicity. I've made it myself. I used Powerpoint.

No more fancy statistics or fancy gadgets, nothing. Only what I write and what you read is on here. There are some nice sites I follow on the sidebar as well, under the list of posts. You might like them.

All my posts are listed on the sidebar. Hence, no search bar. No links for comments either. Send me an email, or call, or message. Say "Hi.. Your posts suck, but the logo is nice", or something of that sort.

I've trying to write a book. It's in the works. The project is called 'The Green Peppermint", for lack of a better name and abundant laziness. You're free to mail your own ideas and opinions. I would love to hear them :)

Thank you for staying. Thank you for reading. There is a lot of stuff in the works. I hope I get the time to get it all out to you. Keep smiling, keep reading...

And stick around.