Sunday, October 30

Global warming

The sun shines upon the wind
And asked him, where could she be?
The wind replied, "My friend..
She's busy, conversing with the sea..."

The sun was heartbroken, and felt sorrow
"I wish to see her today, and tomorrow..
She is elusive. She borrows my light.
Shares jokes with the oceans...
And hides from my sight."

"Do not despair. Oh Lord of light..
Your warmth is within her.
And she feels your plight
She yearns for you, like you for her
It is this world of blue and green
That seperates you lovers
But here's a secret, oh lord of flame
You two can meet and cheat your fate
Find the eclipse
And you will find your mate"

And so the sun got his master plan
Grateful to the helping hand
And shared his fire with the wind
Who then set out heating everything

 And that's the story of the Earth sweating tears
Global warming, the end is near!