Tuesday, August 10

We're one, and many

We're one, and many
We're an epiphany
Like crystalline drops of dew
We're one and the few

We're what keeps us going
We're what shakes our tree
We're the apples in the orchard
We're the dew on the leaves

We're what rattles the cage
And what makes us wise
We're the tide and the storm
We're the shadow you despise

We're Lydian, and Zoob'd
We're Fuzzed up to the A
We're Judas and Juno, and
We're Rebel and Lyra
We're Oriyan, Chinese
And Arab and Mar
We're Ritdz, We're Riz
We're all the colors of the rainbow
And any face of the dice
We're the mirror in the mirror
A sugar-coated surprise.