Thursday, July 22

Razzmatazz and Zilch

Saturn's rings in a cocktail
Sunrays in a seashell
The smell of summer in a teacup
And a beautiful lover's spell.

Cat Pianos and Sea Bears
Under glowing lights in electric nights
Hypnotized and mesmerized
By her, and her sight

The winds of Venus
A sunset's dying blush in summer's bleeding veils
Ghosts who shed their hosts
And trees turning to soil

She's a beautiful addiction
And she nurtures my thought of light
She strengthens me, and gifts me with love
A warm smile, a warmer embrace
A tender touch, a soft caress

She shines in illumination
Bringing me to the light
Every time I wander apart
She brings me close to myself
And becomes a part of me
In her smile is mine and mine in her's
A Whisper of nine,
A raindrop of time,
to hear you breathe,
that sigh of relief,
to seek that what you know,
the half of the whole.
to swell and break,
not into song, but into a wave,
into a run, and into the rain.

Razzmatazz and Zilch
Cranberries and Whiskey
Moustaches and fringes
Caramel and Coke
Pineapple and Blueberries
Mars and Venus
Clownfish and Brownies
Love and Joy..

There's a smile in the air.