Tuesday, March 16

The pinnacle...

I look to the west, to a departing sun
I see no smoke, and yet it burns away
Bringing to us, this light and day

I look to the stars, and I see starshine and moonshine
And yet here I am in the dark, searching for a lantern
To illuminate this road of mine

I look inside others, and I see hatred, greed and chaos
And when I look again, I see love, peace and joy
Maybe it's not them at fault, maybe I'm just flawed
Or maybe I just picked out a bunch of morons to look at.. Aww!

I see within myself, and I see reasons to harmonize
To phrase my thoughts, tap them out, and slapsticize
I see Gods of groove around me, and I feel blessed
And it doesn't hurt to know, that I am on the road they chose.. Yes!!

I am the tortoise that sleeps in his cage
I am the walrus that shall amaze
I am the imagination in your miracle
I am you, and you are me, and together we...
The pinnacle.