Monday, October 5

My day, today

This is going to be one of those funny random things you read at random sites by random people, randomly. By the time you're done with thins you're almost going to laugh.

Woke up early today. 1pm only.
Fell out of bed.
Had breakfast at lunchtime.
Told mom I love her only.
She took me lite.
Sat on the comp.
Checked mail.
Checked friend's myspace.
Called him, talked about stuff.
Ran out of balance.
He called back.
Told him Sorry I don't have balance and hung up.
Realized I was a jackass.
Read the paper, got depressed with the world.
Read the comics. Found more sense there.
Got stuck in a crossword.
Figured it was not worth it anyway.
Tried to do a jigsaw, but it was broken.
Made a prank call.
Realized I didn't have balance after I hung up.
Went out to get fresh air.
Ended up with a smoke instead.
Met a friend, wished the others were free.
Met the others.
Made a funny joke.
Noone laughed.
Tried again.
Almost got beaten up.
Ate Schewerwerffwrtzzz-wan noodles.
Talked about future plans.
Ended up with movie plans for weekend.
Came back home.
Watched a movie.
Had a donut.
Felt good and happy.
Drooled over the Bentley Supersports and the Phantom Coupé.
Wished I had a Shelby instead.
Asked sis to become a follower of this blog.
She said no.
Asked kid brother to become a follower.
He said no.
Bribed him with candy.
He ate candy and then said no.
Asked mom to become a follower.
She said she already was.
Realized 30 minutes later that she was talking about God.
Reminded myself to ask you to become a follower.
Spent the late evening over chai.
Wished I had a Chocolate Latté at that point.
Realized I spent the day without saying a single cuss word.
Celebrated by exclaming "holy sht this is fckin awesome".
Realized I blew it.
Didn't care.
Realized I didn't have my wallet.
Didn't care.
Remembered that I lost my wallet.
Called home.
Realized I didn't have balance.
Borrowed phone and called home.
Realized I left my wallet at home.
Realized I have to recharge phone.
Realized I left my wallet at home.
Came back home.
Realized I had to recharge phone.
Realized I had a recharge card in my other jeans.
Recharged phone.
Called a friend.
Got shouted at.
Hung up.
Realized I need a new daily routine.
Wrote this detailed account.
Made up my mind to stick with it.
Decided to start tomorrow, most definitely.
Forgot to ask you to be a follower.
Wrote this.
Went to bed.