Saturday, October 3

Make me dream, will you?

Make me dream, will you?
I'm tired of being awake
Make me dream, will you?
Do it, will you, for my sake

In every nightmare dwells an awakening
In every thought of joy a blessing
In every tear lies a thought of concern
And in every journey a point of return

In every weakness is an ounce of strength
In every thought a point of sorrow
I see myself turn back at a junction
Where my yesterday turns tomorrow

A cup of tea and a million thoughts later
I'm still where I'm supposed to be
Maybe it isn't in my hands to question
This thought of uncertainty

There is a joy in my every move
One that makes want to get near
A joy, a smile, a wordless wonder
One that makes it all so clear

I sit back, smile and wonder
Is it all another blunder
Make this dream real, make me smile again
Make me want to wish I was dreaming...

Make me dream, will you?
Make me dream, and I'll do the same

Make me dream, will you?
You bring the green, I'll get the change...