Wednesday, September 30

i am a messenger

Let cellophane skies wrap up plastic clouds and more
Let rain pour down through holes on heaven's floor
Let this thought tear through lots of reason
And let the sun reign over occasional season

Break a rainbow and give it to the poor
The sad, the lonely, defenseless and more
Or share a smile instead, but make it pure.
Take a stone's throw and add steps few
Walk to the rainbow and cross right through
The world's a big smiley, but only if you're sure..

I see myself lost in these words few
Of these choices these voices, in between
These alphabetical arrangements of symphonies true
These words at play condescending egoistic scenes

Wrap up my world please, I'd like it on the go
And throw in a chocolate muffin, just so you know
I am a messenger, a conductor of reason and thought
My soul is in my wand, but it's the best one I've got
I am a messenger, thrones bore me to death
I'd be a jester but I'm a pauper instead
But I try and I try, and I'm unsuccessfully glad
I'm the worst of the lot, but the best of the bad

I have a thought for breakfast
And an anecdote for lunch
But I'm hungry for that feeling
That gives me this hunch
I am a messenger, my prophets by my side
I am a messenger, one with nothing to hide.