Wednesday, January 14

A tainted hollow...

If you were a feather, I'd be a wing
If you were a tether, I'd be a ring
If you were a memory, I'd be the smile
If you were forever, then I'd be the while..

If I, told you, that I'll always be here
Would you tell me, to disappear?
If I chose to follow, would you lead the way?
If I was left behind, would you choose to stay?

This memory just seems to be a tainted hollow
Or could it be that all I see is a faint tomorrow?
How would I know this vertigo would bring me here?
Why won't you go and leave me alone to disappear?

These clouds of fear all seem so clear within these walls
Another tear seems to bring me near the final call
So mechanized I realized this dream so shallow
In celluloid I traumatized this heart shaped shadow

They twist and turn, and then they burn, like sticks on fire
Oh how they yearn, when will they learn, to retire?
The pain it pours to something more than just a story
An eagle soars towards the shore to seek its glory

I've missed to see this memory lost out to the past
This irony so incomplete like shattered glass
Like cotton clouds rising out with the winds
This tainted shroud shouts aloud with the memory it brings...

This little soul just lost control over this momentary bliss
This rock n roll of real old feels just like this
Now all i need is one eternity to feel this sure
Oh so complete this melody just feels so pure