Sunday, October 19

The veteran returns...

I remember now a man cloaked in black
Among the shadows I knew not who he was
As night approached he came along the path
But it was not as if it was because..

His eyes talked of tomorrow
Though he came from yesterday
Finding shade in the shadows
He kept movin on his way..

He didn't talk much and his words were few
Of emotions lost in the dust for directions new
And then he talked and talked
Of a Holy War he had won
In days gone by, gone past
In a time where all was one

He wore a hat with a tilt
And a smile with a guilt
The loss of his time
Seemed to take it's toll..
And then he spoke away
With an air of grey
And talked about the war
That consumed the earth whole..

He told his story, and this is how it went..

I was but a simple man
And I had gardens so green
Under the skies, back then so blue
The bluest I'd ever seen
The rivers and lakes ran pure
Without a fear they flowed with glee
And the winds watched them
As they flew into the sea..

My world was my Eden
And my home was all I had
It was my small share of heaven
The best heaven I'd ever had
And when the sun crept away
To make way for the stars and the moon
I'd never have expected this course
To end and break so soon..

Beyond the horizon, beyond the emerald trees
Was a plague of chaos and greed, drawing near
The skies grew darker and the joy paled away
Demons sent their regards, laced with fear

The Holy War had begun.

The women and children, we sent them away
And set out to war, that very day
We fought with our blood, and our tears of fear
For we knew, we just might lose everything dear
Swords met swords, and metal embraced metal
Many fell, while many returned, to Hell

I see them in my dreams now
My brothers in arms, and their cries of pain
My dreams taunt me and haunt me now,
They try to drive me insane
And in those dreams, I see my humble home
And the garden where the children play
I see their mother watch over them
I see it, like I see yesterday..

We won the war, but we lost the world we had
We lost the times of joy, and the peace in the land
For a thousand weeks, every day and every night
We fought the darkness, in search of the light
And now it is over, the darkness has passed
The skies are blue and grasses green, at last

It has ended now, the war is no more
There is no more blood, there is no more gore
I'm going home to see my children now
And my wife who waits for me
But even now I think about the coincidence
The irony that all those demons, looked just like me...

We didn't create war.
We perfected it.