Wednesday, October 8

A prayer to the Lord of Ha-ha's

Hope on board Laydees and gentullmens. I think we're in for a bad spell of wether anyway, but don't worry no mind. Get it?? No?? Good...

Oh Lord..
Let there be an air of humor all around me, so that I may be more humorous without even trying. Bless those who smile and laugh with me, and castigate those who don't, to frequent trips to the local dictionary. Let there be a smile, in place of a frown, even when petty irritations like elusive success plague their minds, and failure prohibits them from passing by your groovy trip of joy(Oh shut up you) .

Let Pac-man defeat all those ghosts over and over, let there be awareness of the fact that more often than not, we tend to overlook life's simple pleasures. We tend to forget that when someone annoys us, it takes 42 muscles in our face to frown, but only 4 muscles to extend our arms and b*tch-slap that moron upside the head.

Let there be an ignorance to inflation and singlenessness, and being broke or unpopular, let there be music and art, and the flow of creative thought wherever I may be, let there be open minds and an end to that irritating feminisim and chauvinism crap.Pliss pliss pliss lift the smoking ban where I live, or atleast give me a sign, give me a sign as to where those friggin smoking zones are, and let there be free entry there, and and and, and last of all, let there be no powercuts during downloads.