Monday, October 8


Funky psychobabble,
Listen up to your song
Basses slap and pop,
And you can hum along
Like smoke on a river,
A feather on a cloud
The incline in a shiver
Floating all around...
Like smoke on a river,
The sun split in two
Like the sound of silence,
Are you??
Eyes mesmerizing,
So beautiful, so brown
Like a dying sunset
Burning to the ground
Or barbequed chicken maybe
Heck, your eyes
They're perfect to me.
And a smile as sweet,
As the southern springs i see
Your presence overclouds,
Everything around the scene
All around me
All around me
You're misunderstood at times,

Red hot, like the
Chili peppers in your head
Grin on your face,
That seems to stop everyone dead
Inside out
Or outside in
No doubt about it
That you're
Crystal clear
Faded jeans
Converse light blue
The sky's at your feet
So is everone else too.
A heart of gold
And some grey cells too
So MINDFULL are you,
Its true.

"Comparatively tall"
She sez, I agree
But you don't to be
To look up to this girl
Six strings by her finger
And a scent of perseverance
All around, it lingers
Six strings, and
An ipod, that glares
Head on her shoulders
And sarcasm?
Loads to spare...
No air castles
No colourful rainbows
And no butterflies
No smokey visions
And no backlash
And no...
You've got your life
Handed to you
In a golden plate,
But with
A battered spoon
And yet you
Never complain
Never do you sigh
Headstrong you are
From within
But keep forgetting
No worries though
Thats where
I come in....

Funky psychobabble
Spread out your wings
With feathers of gold
And wings of silver
Spread out your wings
And fly with me
Into the halcyon blue...
On clouds of silver
And winds of smoke
And peppermint mountains too
Leave the sun behind
Leave the mountains behind
Leave the smoke and the gardens too
They love you as well
They know you enough
To know get back through.

Like a little dragonfly
With kalaedoscopic wings
Of Oblivion and babble
And funky little things
Of chocolate doughnuts
And 6 inch subs
Of Ipods and music
And little bear cubs
Of metal and funk
And the joy it brings
A silly little girls
Wrapped around 6 strings...
Disguised as a friend
She entered our lives
Shared her share
Of PJs,
And smiles.
I don't know you very well
Maybe I do
I don't care
But i know
I'll never regret meetin ya
And i'll always

Hey psychobabble
I hope you're gettin all of this
You're never alone
The bassie offers his bliss.
I'll be honest here
I respect you to death
But tick me off
And I'll bonk your head
Lol, o yes,
I have a song to write
A lil poetic
A testimonial
Of a girl and her flight
No sugarcoated crap
No sappy dialogues I'm sure
I'm writing straight from the soul
So yes,
I'm sure...
I'm no James Blunt
No Shakespeare either
But to look into you
I needn't be
A bigshot writer...
You're cool, and amazing
I needn't be
An Einstein
To see...
Snappy and volatile
Yes you are
But then...
So's Chemistry.
People misunderstand you
They're too blinded to see
And they get you all wrong
They don't realize
That with the light
The shadows come along

Hey funky dragonfly
With peppermint wings
Fly thru the horizon
Thru heaven and its sin
In the middle of the night
Or in the middle of nowhere
Im sorrows, in tomorrow
I'll always be there
When a tear appears
Or a smile disappears
When times turn hollow
Think of a prayer
Think of the idiot who wrote you this
I'll be there
Lookin over your shoulder
To lend a smile
And borrow a frown.


Note: Dedicated to a great friend!! Rock on Babble!!