Wednesday, October 3

a beautiful dream...

As i sit here
In my piazza
Surrounded by shadows of the gloom
I awaken, and chance upon
A vision of the moon
And in it, I see your face
As I sit here lost in doubt
You give me hope and reason
To free myself again.

I feel the hollow disappear
And as you shine, I feel your warmth
And in it I comfort myself
In your afterglow
There is no more sorrow
There is no tomorrow
Just this moment
Wrapped around my fingers
And your sweet intoxication
Your sweet heavenly scent
Of apricots and desert flowers
All around it lingers
And I keep it all
For myself

I keep it for myself
In my little box filled
With dreams of silver
I see butterflies when you're around
I feel warmth with your gentle touch
And once again
I see myself
Drift away...
With wings of silver
Feathers laced with love
I feel a shiver
Eternity ain't long enough.

I feel dew drops
Drip across your face
I see rainbows
All over the place
My little piazza
Shines with love now
I'm not alone anymore
I have you by my side...

I had a dream last night
I spent some time with an angel
With a ticklish smile
And a walk of grace
Filled with love
She held my hand
And walked with me

She chose a few seconds
Of human touch
To an eternity
Of heavenly flight
She gave up wings of silver
She gave up angelic flight
And the Gardens of Eden
Just for a moment of love
A moment by my side...

I could not fly with her
And so she walked with me
She gave up heaven
And for her, I'd give up eternity
I see her all the time
I love her, I am hers
And she is mine...

She is my dream
My prayer, my blessing
She is my joy
My smile, my tear
She is my strength
My weakness, and my bliss
She is mine.
I love her.

She is my favorite girl
In the whole wide world
She's nice
She gives me reason
To smile.
She is the reason I smile
When sorrow surrounds me
And when it makes me blind
She's always there
To hold my hand
And show me the light

Her love is reason enough
For me to carry on without a tear
To get up every time I fall down
Even if she's not with me
Her love tries to fill her absence
Her love is enough for the two of us
And so is mine
So is mine
So is mine...

She's sweeter than the Apricots in Heaven
And Peppermint candy too...
And cherry pie, with berries blue...
Her tender cheeks seem softer to me
Than the clouds that underline heaven
I love her
I am hers
And she is mine...

She has hair so beautiful
And a smile that'd make angels blush
If I could
I'd give her wings of GOLD
So that she could fly in God's own garden
With other angels
Who have wings of SILVER
In paradise
Where she came from...

She makes me forget the music
The funk and the jazz
Such affection she has
She makes me forget the bass
She defines me
And holds me in place
She makes me forget all the sorrow
All the pain
All the struggles
And all the strain

To her:
I love you
You mean the world to me
You give meaning to my purpose
You're my sugarcoated fantasy
A fantasy that's real
A fantasy that's mine...
I love every moment that I spendwith you
Every minute, every second
I love you so much
That it hurts to say goodbye
I love you like the wind loves the moon
Like flowers love the rain
Like bees love their honey
And fools love their pain.
I love you
As much as life itself
Which seems so so beautiful
Just because you're around
I don't know how much...
I just know that I do.

Note: Jus another poetic project i was workin on... I'm no romantic lol...