Wednesday, September 12

persian sunset

...persian sunset
The Arabian winds screeched
It was time for the sun to leave
Make way for the moon to rise
While the Sun sleeps beneath.

Me: This Sunset...
Him: What about it?
Me: This moonrise...
Him:What about it?
Me: Well, stop asking so many questions. Sit down, and I'll tell you...

Long ago in a time gone past
Beyond Arabian seas
There was a land of mystic palms
Surrounded by Persian breeze
There was no water
Or so they thought
The land was ill
And diseased with the Cursed Drought
Dehydrated, the land was parched
And the mystic palms would die
But they did not know, that fate would smile
And send the clouds pouring by
The land was glad
The men were too
And so they celebrate
In a distant land in paradise
Of mystic palms, And exquisite dates.

The sun saw celebration
He was tickled pink
And so he shined with blessing
Until it was time, to sink
When it was time to sleep
He talked to the Moon
And told him the whole story
The Moon felt glad, and rose to the occasion
With a glint and a gleam, of illuminated glory.