Wednesday, September 12



I wake up in the morning
Have some bread and butter
"The same old same, day after day after day..."
He mutters...

Guns fire all around
No chirping birds , no children's play
That's the sound...
"The fools!!!
Have they nothing better to do!!!
Don't teach me war!!!
I'm part soldier too!!
"Let there be peace
Let the sun shine!!!"

The children are gone now
They play no more
Jus metal tanks and machine guns
Trying to settle the score
The pain means battle
And the battle means pain
The blood means victory
Yet it's all the same

We prove to be human
Power breeds greed
Greed breeds power
Power breeds hatred
And then kills another

Heaven is a mirage
Flawless is a dream
A misconception gone bad
Or so it may seem...